Banana Gingerbread Bundt Coffee Cake

This gluten-free and vegan banana gingerbread bundt coffee cake is moist and soft, especially when it’s freshly baked.  It’s absolutely the perfect festive coffee cake to serve at your party.  

Banana Gingerbread Bundt Coffee Cake-side view-one slice of coffee cake-Pinterest ImageA few Christmases ago, after tasting my mother-in-law’s coffee cake, I wondered why I taste cinnamon instead of coffee. Isn’t this coffee cake?  Silly me! I didn’t know coffee cake is to accompany coffee (as the American version of coffee cake).

It’s that time of the year again.  Christmas music is in the air everywhere.  This banana gingerbread bundt coffee cake is a perfect addition for your holiday celebrations.  Once the coffee cake is in the oven, you can’t hide it.   My 4-year-old kept asking me: “Mama, what are you making? It smells so good!”  

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