Cocozia Organic Coconut Water Review

cocozia organic coconut water

Recently I was contacted by the manufactures of Cocozia coconut water (Epicurex LLC) to review their product. They send a case of coconut water to me (available for purchasing on This is 100% organic coconut water with 10 g of sugar, 480 mg of potassium, 45 mg of sodium, and other minerals per 8 fl oz.

This is the first time my husband Brad and I had coconut water, so we had no idea what it would taste like. Brad and I tried it both refrigerated and at room temperature. I also fermented some using water kefir grain into coconut water kefir. We both like the coconut water kefir best because it has a slightly salty but tangy flavor from the fermentation; but we both preferred the water kefir I make from sugar, blackstrap molasses and fruit juice to the coconut water kefir.

coconut water kefir with grain-sideview

 Cocozia Organic Coconut Water with Water Kefir Grains

*The Cocozia organic coconut water is colorless.  The light yellow color in the picture is from the kefir grains.

The refrigerated coconut water is more pleasant to drink than the room temperature one. It is salty with a touch of sweetness from the natural sugar in the Cocozia. I personally prefer this coconut water to other fruit juices because I like the clean taste from the natural sugar. Brad prefers a cup of tea to the coconut water.

We also passed a couple of packages to two people who run regularly. They answered two questions we prepared.

Question1:    If you had to choose between drinking a glass of water, a sweet sports-drink such as Gatorade, or a bottle of Cocozia organic coconut water during a workout, which would you choose and why?

Question 2:   If you had a Cocozia organic coconut water drink and many other bottles of juice, tea, milk, et al. in your refrigerator to choose from, is there ever a time you would choose to drink it instead of one of the others?

“ (Question 1) I would still choose water to drink during the workout because it is the most neutral taste and seems digestible.  I might drink the coconut water after the workout. (Question 2) Yes, I would choose it after a workout instead of any other drink in the fridge.”

Linda, who participates in triathlons.

“It is somewhat refreshing, not heavy or sweet like juice, but it has an aftertaste that is unpleasant. However, this brand is better tasting (relatively) than the coconut water I tried in Hawaii. It is not something I would buy for myself.”

Sharon, who runs 2.5-4 miles daily


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