Mint Lemonade Water Kefir

Mint Lemonade Water Kefir
With those hot summer days just around the corner, it will be necessary to quench your thirst with something cool and tasty. Wouldn’t you like to taste everything summer has to offer without all the sugar? Then you won’t be disappointed with this mint lemonade water kefir, which is a healthy, beneficial drink I know you’ll love.

I was addicted to this mint lemonade water kefir last summer. Fresh garden chocolate mint is infused into this chilled water kefir, making it so refreshing. It’s a perfect drink for the summer. I guarantee you won’t stop at only one glass.

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a fermented drink made from sugary water that is enriched with minerals (such as sugar water, fruit juice, or coconut juice) and hydrated water kefir grains. It contains very few calories and little sugar. During the fermentation process, the kefir grains consume the sugar and produce beneficial bacteria and yeast.

For those of you who don’t want to consume any dairy or soy probiotic, water kefir is an ideal vegan probiotic drink for you. Compared to those expensive store-bought pills, it has far more superior probiotics. Better yet, you can easily make it at home and the cost is almost nothing. If you want to learn more about water kefir, please go to my “how to make water kefir” post.

Mint Lemonade Water Kefir

With all of those health benefits, I was so thrilled to introduce this healthy, low sugar, and probiotics rich drink to my friend Betsy, who has cystic fibrosis.  Every so often she needs antibiotic treatment due to her health condition. The treatment usually upsets her stomach and disrupts her digestion. However, she’s had much less trouble with that since she began drinking water kefir daily.

I knew she’d like to add some fresh and indulgent flavor into her water kefir. A few weeks ago, my husband, Brad, helped me transfer some chocolate mint plants from our garden to a pot to give to Betsy. Now she can enjoy a fresh and cool minty flavored water kefir all summer long.

Mint Lemonade Water Kefir

By the way, I was surprised by what a strong-living plant it is, as it can easily thrive everywhere and anywhere. Last year I picked a few sprigs from my pot and planted them directly in the dirt. Now we have a big bush. I occasionally have to dig some of it out to keep it from taking over the entire yard.

Mint Lemonade Water Kefir

This year, Leo has become a new fan of mint lemonade water kefir. He’s been nibbling on mint leaves ever since he could walk in the garden. He would say “tooth paste” whenever he tasted it. Now, this refreshing water kefir is his favorite daily beverageMint Lemonade Water Kefir

Mint Lemonade Water Kefir
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
You won’t be disappointed with this mint lemonade water kefir. It is a healthy, low sugar, and probiotic rich drink that can quench your thirst on the hot summer days. Tools: Mortar and pestle, half-gallon jar with plastic lid, measuring spoons and cups, knife and cutting board
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Low Calorie
Servings: 6 cups
Author: Joyce @ Light Orange Bean
  1. Place mint leaves in a mortar. Using the pestle, gently press down on top of the leaves in a twisting motion, avoiding roughly pounding the leaves. This helps to release the mint oils without tearing the leaves.
  2. In a half-gallon jar, add the crushed mint leaves, freshly squeezed lemon juice, stevia, and water kefir. Cover with lid and let it stand in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
  3. Garnish the drink with fresh mint sprigs and lemon slices. This drink tastes best when served cold.
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See link for how to make water kefir:


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