Kitchen Tools

WonderMill Grain Mill     You can save money by preparing your own gluten-free flour and have fresh, preservative free flour on hand all the time.  We use this mill to grind grains into flours that make our own fresh gluten-free all-purpose flour mix every week.  It is the best way to avoid gluten contamination as well as added sugar from the cookie and cake mixes. This mill costs approximately $250. It also saves after calculating how much we will spend on buying rice flour from stores.  This is definitely a very smart investment. It can also grind legumes and many other grains.  It’s a real workhorse.  It’s very easy to use and grinds the grains very fast. The milling head has lifetime warranty. All other parts have a 6 year warranty. The manufacturer offers very good customer service.

Cuisinart Food Processor (7-cup)     We have owned this food processor since 2008.  It is very convenient and fast when I need to slice or shred a few cups of vegetables.  Most parts are dishwasher safe.

Breville Blender     This blender is much more efficient and quiet compared to the less expensive blenders.  It is a very good blender for making your own soy milk, almond milk, and smoothies.  It has plenty of power and grinds the soaked soybeans very smooth.  We use the “blend” setting for soy milk and the “smoothie” setting followed by the “puree” settings for vegetables and fruits smoothies.  All parts on it are heavy duty-industrial quality, such as bearings, seals, motor, et al. We’ve owned the BBL550XL model for 2 years and use it every week.  The newer model is BBL605XL.  We believe you get the most bang for the buck with this brand.

Cuisinart Hand Blender      A handy tool to have when I need to grind small amounts of food. Also it is good for grinding fruits and vegetables to prepare purees for babies.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer      Used for blending batters or making whipped cream. It has 5 different speeds.

Cuisinart Mini Chopper & Grinder      I use this to grind spices and seeds to powder, such as black peppers, red pepper corns, chili peppers, cumin seeds, flaxseeds, et al. I have also used this to chop ginger and garlic. Compared to a coffee grinder, the blade is removable and easy to clean.

Sharpening Stone      My husband got this from Harbor Freight (regular price less than $3, on sale $1). It is very useful when my knives are dull. You may have experienced knives that could not cut through tomatoes and bell peppers. This small stone is a savior. It won’t take up much of your kitchen space at all.

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